• Pit Sublime, The Alumnae Theatre Company – New Ideas Festival 2014

    Pit Sublime, Alumnae Theatre New Ideas Festival


Inhabitant’s habitat here…

Alexandra Watt Simpson Photo

 I am a graduate from the Performance Acting Program at Ryerson Theatre School (BFA). The art that I create and admire reflect curiosities about the coming of age/growing up, questions about the individual and how they relate to their surrounding community, and questions about “living well”. How do we, I, you, us, live more conscientiously, more enjoyably, more luxuriously and responsibly? How do we do that all at once?

Creativity has given me a way to connect with others intimately as well as frivolously. I use many forms to express myself: music, creative cookie making (not always a great success), visual arts, writing, directing,  producing and acting. Comedy allows me to acknowledge the darkness in life, and then laugh at it- I like to think of it as an Orwellian-Dystopia-stand-up-act.

Since graduating my colleague Rebecca Liddiard and I have co-run a theatre company Charlatan Remedies with the artistic mandate of “Concocting cures for social stiffness.”  We aim to unite the artist and audience by creating a holistic and intimate experience. My mandate is to create art that provides opportunities to build community and to motivate social change through inner and outer growth and discovery. Through my involvement in audience immersive art I have developed faith in a type of communal creation experience between people.

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